Kurd shopping

Kurd Shopping has cars, phones, computers, property, clothes etc. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it here. It also allows you to sell your property, cars, computers, clothes etc. The site is designed for your mobile and desktop, providing the best user experience for shopping and selling.

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Customer requirement

Kurd shopping is one of DevCentreHouse huge projects. For this project, the customer needed a complete new CMS system, release and build pipeline, infrastructure designed to support the load, a Android and iOS Application. Kurdshopping has over 2 million requests per year! We delivered all of the customer specifications for project success. And as of today, the website is still running with new buyers/sellers everyday!



Designed the infrastructure architecture such as load balancing, database relationship, backup and blue / green deployment methology.


Backend system designed and created with the Laravel framework.


Android application built to support the business case.


iOS native application built to support the business case.